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    Rules and Regulations

    Rules and Regulations

    I have heard this question many times..” Are the rules and Regulations the same for every class of forklifts and machines?”. The answer is simple…yes. Lets take a look at the rules and regulations that could affect you as an operator.

    2.State/Provincial…which must meet and exceed federal regulations.
    3.In-company/site policies…winch must meet federal and provincial regulation. In-company/site policies may exceed both federal and provincial.

    • The operator is directly responsible for the safe operation of the machine at all times.
    • The operator is required to complete a pre-use inspection and report any problems immediately.
    • The supervisor is responsible for ensuring that the pre-use inspection is conducted.
    • The employer is required to maintain the machine in a safe operating condition.
    • The employer is required to purchase machines that con-form to ANSI/ITSDF safety standards.
    • The employer shall ensure that each operator is competent to operate the truck safely, as demonstrated by the successful completion of a training program that includes theory instruction and practical, hand on evaluation.