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    Why You Must Be In A Work Platform When Being Raised In A Forklift

    The following tragic story is why you must follow safety guidelines when you are raising or being raised in a forklift.

    Iona Country MI.
    A 62 year old employee of a fruit storage facility died after falling 20ft from a forklift on Saturday, October 22/2016.
    The employee was changing light bulbs in a large fruit cooling room when the accident occurred just after 8 am.
    The attending Sheriffs deputies stated that the employee had stepped into an apple crate, while another worker used a forklift to raise him roughly 20ft in the air to change a lightbulb. Police say that a rotted section of wood in the bottom of the crate gave way and caused the crate to tip over. The employee fell to the concrete and passed away from his injuries. He was not wearing a safety harness.
    A full investigation is under way.

    There are many safety guidelines that must be used when raising someone, out of all them the most important guidelines are that you must be in an engineered approved work platform and you must be wearing fall protection with a lanyard. This is such a tragic story of a person not following the guidelines, or maybe not knowing the guidelines. All for a stupid lightbulb.