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6 Forklift Safety Accessories You Need To Know

When it comes to operating a forklift, forklift training is the first and most important step to forklift safety for the operator and the people around them, but by adding any of these forklift safety accessories might stop or prevent an accident before it happens, as the old saying goes ” Better Safe Than Sorry “.
        1. Blue Led Safety Light
Blue Led Safety Light
The blue led safety light can be installed on the front or back (or both) of any forklift. What the light does is project a bright and large spotlight, 10-20ft in front of the forklift to the floor to alert pedestrians of an oncoming forklift.
2. Amber Strobe Light

Meteorlite™ 5 High-Profile Strobe Light SY361005-A-LED - 12-80 Volts - Permanent Mount - Amber

Unlike the blue led safety light that points down toward the floor, the strobe light is eye level to pedestrians and other machines. These lights are ideal when working in a dark warehouses and when it is dark outside  as it makes pedestrians aware there is a machine around.
3. Back Up Alarms
As annoying as they can sound, back up alarms are a must on a forklift or any other machine for that matter. The reverse/back up alarm provides notice to pedestrians and other machines that a forklift is in close proximity and backing up.
4. Wireless Forklift Safety Camera
These handy little cameras can be mounted on the back of the forklift as a back up camera, on top of the over head guard, or most commonly on the forklifts carriage giving the forklift operator a clear view where the forks are positioned and aligned with the pallet or load. This gives the forklift operator greater visibility , especially in areas where they typically have a hard time seeing.
5. Seatbelt Safety Switch
Buckle up forklift operators..the seatbelt safety switch is designed for safety, if the seatbelt is not clicked in the forklift will not function.
6. Forklift Seat Sensor
Forklift seat sensors are built into the seat and detects when the forklift operator is sitting in the seat, if it does not detect body weight the forklift will not function. This helps prevent accidents as it ensures the machine is non functional until someone is in the seat and controlling it.

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