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Aerial Lift Safety in British Columbia

Before you get your scissor lift certification in Vancouver, it is important to know the basic guidelines for safe operations.

General Tips on Aerial Lift Safety

• Refer to the operating instructions provided by the manufacturer if in doubt. Make sure to understand the requirements for maintenance and operation of the engine and hydraulic systems.
• Always lock wheels and use triggers with decent sole plates.
• Never use aerial lift without the proper certification.
• When operating elevating work platform in Vancouver, make sure that the operator controls are at platform level and are accessible to the operator. Don’t forget to place emergency override controls on the ground level.

Watch out for these hazards

Debris, ditches, overhead obstructions and electrical wires, drop-offs or holes, bumps and obstructions, untamped earth fills.

Scissor Lift Inspection

Don’t forget to long your inspections repairs. Report any concerns and repair the platform before use.
Inspect the following areas before every shift:
• Overall condition of the frame.
• Improper adjustments.
• Any cracks in the welds.
• Faulty brakes.
• Bad tire condition and poor pressure.
• Broken safety devices such as gates, fall protection, horns or emergency controls.
• Loose connections or missing fasteners.
• Uncontrolled motion.
• Damaged hydraulic and pneumatic lines, faulty electrical wires.

Raising and Moving Guidelines on Elevating Work Platform

Always place the platform on firm and level surface.
Ensure that the aerial lift guardrails are properly installed and check that gates and openings are closed.
Pay attention to the ropes, electrical cords and hoses that might entangle the work platform, keep them away from the operating area.
Avoid trapping the operator between the structure and the platform. Operator might not be able to reach controls if trapped in a confined space.
Never overload the scissor lift above manufacturer recommendations.
Even the load across the platform, do not place heavy objects in one particular spot.
Make sure that there is no overhead obstructions or electrical wires that interfere or close to the platform.
Set up outriggers or stabilizers.
We have used materials from the CCOHS for our article on elevating platforms safety.

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