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What Are Forklift Fork Extensions

More often than not the topic of how to properly use fork extensions comes up during our forklift training classes. What are forklift fork extensions?

Forklift fork extensions are used to extend the length of your existing forks. The purpose of the extenders is to improve the reach of the forklift to safely transport large, longer and bulky loads. Extensions come in different lengths and are easily attached directly over the forks on your forklift , the extension is secured at the heel of the existing forks with a loop or a pin. As with adding any lifting attachment to your forklift there is always a correct and incorrect way to use them. When used correctly they can expand the versatility of your forklift. If used incorrectly they can cause damage and be dangerous.

OSHA Guidelines On Fork Extensions

Extensions must not exceed 1.5x the length of the existing forks on your forklift.

Calculations must be made to determine the load capacity of your forklift when using extensions. Adding longer forks will always drop the lifting capacity of your machine.

Extensions should be clearly labeled with load capacity and max extension.

Extensions must match the width of your existing forks on your forklift.

Safety Guidelines On Using Extensions

Include your extensions in your daily forklift pre-trip inspection.

Extensions will change the overall lifting capacity of your forklift, do not exceed past the forklifts new capacity.

Ensure your extensions are secured properly on existing forks prior to use.

Procedures are the same with extensions, when picking up a load ensure the load is as far back on the forks as possible, you risk the forklift tipping forward by not doing so.

Longer forks means a longer turn radius, be aware of surrounding and clearances.

Fork extensions are not designed for all day-everyday use as it is hard on your machine, if you find you need to use them more often than not we suggest investing in a longer set of forks.

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