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Why Forklift Training?

forklift training

As a new or experienced operator, forklift training is crucial for your safety and the safety of those around you. Forklift Training is required by employing companies and most importantly it is a governing  rule and regulation. Forklifts are large and heavy pieces of equipment with numerous moving parts and functions that transport and lift heavy loads, a lot of times in a fast paced work environment. Operating a forklift is classified as a high risk activity and when they are not driven safely and properly can result in injury and worst case fatality’s.


  •  For any business, the safety of its employees should be the number one priority. As a business that employees forklift operators you are required to ensure that your staff have the proper forklift training, that is training by a certified and qualified forklift trainer. The training needs to consist of both theory instruction and hands on practical training followed by testing the operator. It is also up to the employer to ensure that there employees attend refresher training when needed.
  • For any business, time is money and when it comes to employees, you want to employ workers who are efficient and add value to your company. Trained employees can handle the operation of the forklifts more safely and efficiently, thus reducing injuries, damage and down time.
  •  Operator training for your employees can minimize your costs due to injury and damage and it will bring a safe work environment to your work place.
  • Having employees operate without out proper forklift training not only puts the operator in danger but your other employees and customers as well.
  • Liability…need i say more?

Our certified forklift trainer is mobile and Robs onsite forklift training service is available anywhere in the Greater Vancouver, Whistler, Tri-cities and Fraser Valley areas. We are committed in providing your employees with the skills, knowledge and confidence to operate your equipment safely and efficiently.



Whether you operate a forklift in Burnaby or at a jobsite in Vancouver, you need to know how to use the equipment safely and efficiently. YOU ARE RESPOSIBLE FOR YOUR SAFETY AND THE SAFETY OF EVERYONE AROUND YOU. Forklift training is not an option, it is a requirement and regulation. For those of us in B.C. the regulation falls under WorkSafe BC, OHS section 16:mobile equipment.

  Are you an individual looking for or needing forklift training?  We offer weekly training programs for Class 1,4,5 SDCB Forklift and Class 2 Narrow Aisle Reach trucks for new operators and recertifications. Our forklift training programs include both theory and practical training with a heavy focus of hands on practical training. All forklift training programs are compliant with Work Safe BC regulations and CSA Standards. Our training facility is heated and indoor and we keep the classes small, giving you more seat time on the forklift. 

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