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Forklift Operators–Move Cautiously When Vision Obstructed

Forklift operators
Move cautiously when
vision obstructed.
A forklift operator was killed in a tragic accident where poor visibility played a major part in the
incident. The fatal accident involved two forklift operators. One operator had just dropped off a
load of empty pallets with his forklift. He turned his forklift to pick up another load. He then
drove his machine forward through a set of plastic curtains that separated the warehouse work
areas. The raised forks and the plastic curtain restricted his vision. Meanwhile, another
forklift operator was working on the other side of the curtain, standing on a forklift
with his back to the curtain. As the first operator drove his machine through
the curtain, one of the raised forks struck the other operator in the back, fatally injuring him.
Safe work practices:
• Ensure that workers are adequately directed and instructed in how to per-form their duties safely.
• Travel with forks down when moving without a load.
• Ensure that plastic curtains (or similar barriers) are maintained and kept in good working order.
• Provide a system of traffic control or other type of warning system when a forklift operator’s vision may be obstructed
This is an article ordinally published by WorkSafe BC
as a pdf file. We have republished it here for a more convenient reference for our customers.
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