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Forklift Tires

forklift training

When  attending one of our Forklift Training programs, you will learn about the different forklift tires used on these machines and the applications of use. Here is a brief look and outline of the tires.
CUSHION FORKLIFT TIRES are made of solid rubber and are pressed onto the wheel/hub. They offer a smaller turning radius and sit lower to the ground, thus giving ab advantage in maneuverability. There tires are primarily suited for indoor flat surface applications.

PNEUMATIC SOLID FORKLIFT tires are constructed of solid rubber and are the most common used tires on the market today. These style of tires are commonly used for a combination of indoor/outdoor use. Pneumatic solid tires have a very long life-span and are practically indestructible.

PNEUMATIC TIRES are designed of rubber but just like your vehicle they are inflated with air. They are constructed of strong long lasting material with deep treads. Best used for rough outdoor terrain.

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