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Scissor Lifts And Arial Boom Lifts

When working at heights in maintenance and construction, you need ways to work at various heights with ease. Scissor lifts and Aerial boom lifts are essential pieces of equipment for working at heights.
Scissor Lift
First lets talk about scissor lifts, these machines are known as an AWP, Aerial Work Platform. They are a work platform mounted on folding arms that elongate as the platform is raised. These movable work platforms are used for elevating personal and any tools or equipment they may need for the job at hand, but are limited to just up and down movement of the work platform. Scissor lifts come in a variety of different sizes and types. These lifts can be used for situations that require work at various heights, and in most cases are safer than ladders and scaffolding.
Aerial Boom Lifts
Next lets talk about the Aerial Boom Lifts, like Scissor Lifts they are designed to take workers to elevated heights, but these machines are more versatile and can take workers to greater heights with more maneuverability. You will often see them used on various construction sites. There are different types of Aerial boom lifts and what they are used for.
Articulating Boom Lifts…are referred to as a knuckle boom lift. These machines are designed to articulate for reaching up and over obstacles and have great features. They are drive-able at full elevation, have a 360 degree rotation ability and there width is narrow, allowing them to get in narrow spaces.
Telescopic Boom Lifts are known as straight or stick type of boom lifts. If you are required to reach high places, this is what you want to use. Unlike the articulating boom lift, it is not designed to for reaching over obstacles. they can rotate 360 degrees and maneuver in any direction.
As with our forklift training services we also offer onsite scissor lift training and aerial boom lift training.

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