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Three Point Contact

When you go through our Forklift Training program you will learn about what is called ” Three Point Contact.”
As a new  Forklift Operator or Experienced Operator, you may not think or be aware that mounting and dismounting a Forklift can cause an injury, but in fact it is actually a leading cause of injuries for Forklift Operators.
A practice of always having three secure points of contact when mounting or dismounting a Forklift or any other machine/vehicle is called three point contact. To ensure operator safety and to avoid the risk off falls and slips, it is important that every Forklift Operator knows and uses the three point contact procedure whenever they mount or dismount a Forklift.
The three point contact is an easy procedure to learn and to follow, you want to use two hands and one foot to position the body for safe entry or exit from the Forklift. Your two hands grip the machine while one foot is safely supporting your body weight. The three point contact should only be broken after reaching the Forklift cab or when both feet are securely on the ground when dismounting. When you use the three point contact procedure your movements should be slow and steady to avoid injury from slips and falls.
There are a few other factors you should keep in mind also when you enter or exit the forklift to avoid slips and injuries. Visually inspect the work area, look for anything that you could step on or slip on, are your hands and boots free of materials that could cause a slip, and make sure you have already taken your seat belt off before dismounting, sounds like a no brainer but I have seen Forklift Operators do this many times.
If you need Forklift Operator Training for your employees or as an individual, call our manager Karen to inquire.  Forklift Operator Training can be done onsite/site specific at your place of business or at our Training facility in Maple Ridge. We also provide operator training for Scissor Lifts , Aerial Boom Lifts and Skid-Steers (Bobcats). Group Rates are available.
Here is a short safety video about three point contact.



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